Monday, 5 November 2012

Witch Oil Control Foaming Face Wash Review

I got this face wash a few weeks ago now and it’s what I have been using most regularly day and night. I hadn’t tried any of the Witch products before this, I guess because they are not known for being the most luxurious of products and more for helping problem skin.  I was attracted to this because it controls oil, I needed a new face wash and I am forever trying to banish my oily T-zone, so thought it was worth a try. It claims to wash away excess oils and impurities and contains natural witch-hazel which helps fight blemishes and reduce redness.

I love that this comes in a pump as it makes it easier to apply and you only need one pump to cover your face. I have never used anything as foamy as this on my face before but it’s really nice and light. To apply I gently massage it into the skin focusing on my oily areas before rinsing away.  It does smell a bit medical, but that is because of the witch-hazel, and if you have used anything containing this you will know what the smell is like. But it isn’t too strong and it definitely doesn’t put me off using it. It is also nice and refreshing to use in the morning and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth afterwards.

In terms of results, I am not sure I have seen a dramatic difference but I do think it has helped tone down my oily areas and it has helped take the redness away from blemishes. I would say this is good for anyone that has oily/combination skin but I can’t imagine it being good for sensitive skin as it could be a bit too strong.

You can buy this in Superdrug or Boots for £3.99 for a 150ml bottle. I have had mine for about a month now and I am just about half way through, so it lasts a good amount of time. I would most probably buy this again even if it was just to use when I felt it was needed. 


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  3. nice review!

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  4. Loved the review :) for £3.99 I will definitely be trying this xx


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