Thursday, 30 August 2012

August Empties

So I have been blogging for just over a month now and when I first started I noticed everyone seemed to be doing an empties post of what products they have used that month. I loved reading the posts as it’s a great way to see what people have used up and what they actually think of the product after using it all. So now that it is the end of the month I’ve decided to do my own!

·         Batiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical – This is probably a regular product I get through every month and have been using it for so long! I am sure many of you use this or some kind of dry shampoo and it is pretty much a life saver. I use it on my roots when they’re getting a bit greasy or for a little boost. I love love love this scent! It smells of coconut and fruits and is such a holiday smell! Repurchase? Always!

·         L’oreal Elvive Nutri-gloss, Light - I usually use Aussie shampoos but was unable to get it recently so tried this instead. It is suppose to give hair a “mirror shine” and “weightless feel” and after using this I did notice my hair looked shinier and healthier so was impressed as I didn’t think much of it when I picked it up. Repurchase? Yeah I would get this again but probably wouldn’t use it all the time.

·         Clynol Hair Shine – I have had this for ages and it was a half used bottle I needed to use up. It is a conditioning gloss spray that is supposed to add shine to your hair once styled. A friend persuaded me to get this as she thought it was great but I really wasn’t impressed with it and can remember it costing a fair bit. I didn’t see any difference to my hair and it smells like cheap hairspray. Repurchase? No

·         Lancome Eau Micellaire Doucheur – Basically this is cleansing water for eyes and face. I really like this and it works well to remove all makeup. I often use cleansing wipes for eye make-up but I have been using this too. It is also a toner as well which is good if you can’t really be bothered with using too many products at night. Repurchase? This cost £21 for 200ml which is really expensive and there are cheaper alternatives so probably not.

·         Body Shop Body Scrub in Coconut – This was from a set I had so only a small pot but I love this stuff and it made my skin feel soft afterwards. Also Coconut is such a nice scent to use in the summer! Repurchase? Yeah but probably not a large tub as I often forget to use scrubs in the shower.

·         Escada Ocean Lounge, Eau de toilette – I love all of the Escada fragrances, especially for summer as they always have a really fruity smell. They are not too overpowering either and great for everyday. I also have a travel sized one in a different scent for my handbag! Repurchase? Yes

·         Natio Clever Stick Foundation - I used this up at the beginning of the month and you can see my post on it here. When I first used this I wasn’t so sure about it but grew to love it! Repurchase? I do want to repurchase this again but also want to try a few other foundations so will probably hold off for a bit or wait until it is on offer.

·         L’oreal Volume Million Lashes – This mascara is really nice and actually one of my favourites now. I have used many different types of mascara from Givenchy Phenomen Eyes to Benefit They’re Real and this one does just as good a job for me! This is cheaper than them at £11 and it adds good volume and lengthening and doesn’t clump up. Repurchase? Already have as I found same one at boot sale for £4!

Hope you like the post and I look forward to reading everyone else’s soon! 

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Statement Necklaces

I have quite a collection of necklaces and my statement necklaces seem to be growing fast. They have been a big trend over Spring/Summer and this is set to continue for Autumn/Winter. The great thing about a statement necklace is that it is a way to instantly dress up an outfit from day to night. I thought I would share some of my statement necklaces I have and some gorgeous ones that are on the high street at the moment.

1.      I have had this necklace for a long while now and can’t remember where I got it from. It does look a bit like a necklace Wilma from the Fintstones would wear but I love it! This looks great with a fairly high neck black top or dress.

2.      This necklace has also been in my collection for a while and I got it from Lipsy when I used to work there. It has a number of different types of chains entwined with one another to create a bold clustered necklace. This is good one to wear with an edgy rock inspired outfit.

3.       This is a more recent purchase from H&M as I was desperate to get a spiked necklace and love the layered chains on this one. I have worn this with a basic tee and jeans before to update the look.

4.      I bought this little beauty last week from Primark for £4 and it is my favourite at the moment! I love the iridescent colours in it and it is perfect for day or night. I have worn this with some printed trousers and plain cream top for a night out and it looks really good. I will have to do an outfit post on this when I get a chance!

5.      This is another I have had for a while and I actually forgot I even had it. Unfortunately I don’t know where this was from either but it really pretty on with a dress.

6.      This necklace is one I purchased from H&M as I love the neon yellow colour in the jewels. This instantly brightens a plain outfit and is a great colour for summer.

There are so many great statement necklaces about at the moment so here are a selection I like from other high street stores.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

REN Skincare review

I have been meaning to review these REN products since I bought them nearly 4 weeks ago,  and I wanted to give enough time to trial them all, but now it’s time to tell you what I thought. I got these 2 sets on offer shown in my previous post here. They are both travel size sets but great to try different things out and I still have a lot of product left! So let me take you through what I got.

Kit for Combination Skin (designed for combination to oily skin)

Mayblossom T-zone Control Cleansing Gel
This is the first cleansing gel I have used and one suited for oily t-zone (which I have) skin, so I was intrigued to try this. To apply you just gently rub it between your hands and it will lather slightly but not loads, and massage into face before rinsing away. I liked the texture of this and it applies well, you only need a couple of blobs to cover the face. It also smells nice and left my skin feeling really soft and refreshed afterwards.
For a 150ml bottle of this it costs £17.00 which isn’t a bad price. I really liked this product so I will definitely consider buying this.

Invisible Pores Detox Mask
This clay mask says it is “designed to reduce the appearance of pore size and leave the skin purified, soothed and toned.” The consistency of this mask is rather like a thick cream and is easy to blend over the face before drying. It does take a while to dry and to harden but you don't need to cake it on, which makes it easier to wash off. I have used this product a couple of times but did not seem to see much difference with my pores but my skin did feel nice and sooth afterwards.
This retails at £18.00 for 50ml. I am not sure I would buy this again as I don’t really think it benefitted me much and there are many cheaper alternatives on the market that would do the same thing.

T-zone Balancing Day Fluid
This day fluid claims it will “balance combination skin” and “leave complexion looking even toned.” Although they say it is a fluid it is definitely a light cream, but I really like this as it is nice and lightweight and great to wear under make-up. After using this I have notice my skin looks healthier and more evenly toned.
This is another product I would look at buying again as it has improved my skin tone and texture. The only thing is that for a 50ml bottle it cost £26.00, which I only just realised! So on second thought maybe this is nice gift... I might ask for this for Christmas haha!  

Six of the Best

I will keep these reviews short and sweet – they have been great little testers!

Jojoba Micro Bead Invigorating Facial Polish
Lovely creamy texture with tiny beads that is not at all abrasive to the skin. This has a lovely minty fresh smell and is nice to use of an evening and it leaves skin nice and smooth.

Active 7 Radiant Eye Gel
I never bother using eye gels as I do not get any puffiness or dark circles so this was new to me. I didn’t find it did much and wouldn’t bother using this it was a nice textured gel though.

F10 Smooth and Renew Mask
I have only used this once so far and it made my skin feel smooth, as it claims but wasn’t blown away by it.

Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream
I really enjoyed using this as a night cream and it had a lovely creamy consistency. The smell is a bit strange and I can’t put my finger on what it smells of, but I kept thinking of a metal smell - I know weird! This was one of my favourite out of this set and if it smelt better I would buy it!

Omega 3 Night Repair Serum
Now this is by far the worst treatment I have ever used, purely because the smell was disgusting and it is just like putting vegetable oil all over your face! It recommends using this before the night cream but after doing it once there was no way I was using it again. Obviously I couldn’t say how well it works because if I don’t like the smell of something it’s a no-go.

Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask
Not quite sure about the name! This mask was very sticky and you can feel a warming/tingling on the skin which makes you think it is doing something. However it did not peel off, even though a put a generous amount on. I need to use this a couple more times to justify whether it has done anything to my skin or not.

So there you go, Sorry it was so long! Hope it helped any of you that are thinking of buying any of the REN range. I would really recommend anyone not wanting to fork out the money on a full size to try the travel sets as they are great!

Have you used any of these products or any other REN products and what do you think of them?  I heard the Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash is nice... anyone tried it? 

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Top 5 summer nail colours

If there is something I have a lot of its nail polishes... I think I’m a bit of a hoarder! I also think a nail polish and its colour can show what mood you are in and your personal style. I was going through my collection deciding what colour to change my nails and thought I would share some of the colour I have and what my top 5 summer colours are.

1.      I picked this colour up recently when I was at Westfield at a makeup store called KIKO and this colour was on offer. It’s a lovely coral/red colour with tones of orange, which is nice and bright. This polish goes on really well and has a great glossy finish to it. It also lasts a long while without chipping so I am impressed and now want to try another from this brand. 

2.      This next one is from Beauty UK that I got in Superdrug. It was really cheap and to be honest it isn’t really a great polish as you have to apply a fair few coats to get a decent colour and it takes ages to dry. But the colour looks great afterwards and is perfect for summer.

3.      This Barry M is one of my favourite as the colour is gorgeous and reminds me of being on holiday. The colour is called Peach Melba and the pastel colour looks really nice when you have a tan as it is quite bright. The only thing I don’t like about Barry M nail polishes is they chip very easily. I have only had this nail polish on a day and it already has a small chip – Bad Barry M! Although they don’t cost much so what do I expect?

4.      Next is my L’oreal polish in number 602 and it’s the first nail polish I had tried from L’oreal and I have to say it’s not bad. I was after a turquoise/mint colour for a while and was struggling to find the perfect one, until I found this beauty. The colour is a really cool mint green and the colour paints on quite strong. I have had a lot of compliments when wearing this one and it is another nice pastel colour.

5.      The final colour in my top 5 is this Nails Inc polish called Exeter Street. I only have a couple of Nails Inc nail polishes but they are definitely my fave in terms of how they apply and how well they last! This is a really nice nude shade with a hint of beige/mushroom. This colour is really nice to wear everyday when you don’t want a colour but don’t want bare nails!

Have you tried any of these colours? What are your summer favourite colours – I’d love to know! 

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Pinterest Interests #1

I haven't used Pinterest for a while but when I do I can go a bit pin crazy! There are so many fascinating and beautiful images to be found, as well and cute DIY and craft ideas for the home. I LOVE looking at all the food on it too! I was browsing on it earlier today and thought I would share some of my favourite and inspiring images. I may even do this as a regular series as I love looking at all the images and hope you do too, so let me know if you like it! 

Cute boho festival look and dark smokey eyes

This dress reminds me of a rose flower

These colours are gorgeous

This would be an amazing print on a dress!

All images found on Pinterest

If you want to follow me on Pinterest just type in my name, Kerry Lyme

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Botanics cleanser and toner

At the beginning of the month I was looking for a new cleanser and toner and I bought some from the Botanics range at Boots. I have been using them every morning and night and I can say that I really like them. The whole range is developed with Kew Royal Botanic Gardens and they have a range of their products that are a high percentage of or entirely organic. This is the range the cleanser and toner are from. Just to note I have oily/combination skin and tend to get an oily T-zone.

Botanics Softening Cleanser - £4.99 currently £3.33 (250ml)

This is 82% organic and has ingredients such as nourishing rosehip, which is a rich source of Omega oil and keeps skin soft, as well as many plant and fruit oils. This cleanser is very easy to use and you simple massage it onto dry skin and gently remove with a cotton wool pad. The product has a lovely smell and is a creamy consistency, just like cleansing milk. This doesn’t feel like it dries out your skin at all and feels light and not oily. This also removes all of my make-up very well.

I like this as it really does leave skin feeling smooth and supple and you don’t have to worry about washing your face; although I often like to splash my face with water afterwards.

Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz - £4.99 currently £3.33 (150ml)

This toner is 100% organic and doesn’t contain many ingredients other than rosewater. This is really refreshing on your face after cleansing and you can feel a very slight tightening on the skin. This comes in a spray bottle and to apply you just spray over your face and neck then remove with a cotton pad. The only downside with this and it can go everywhere when you spray it, but this can be avoided by spraying it on a cotton pad first. This product also really helps to remove the last traces of dirt after using the cleanser.

After hearing a lot about the Caudalie Beauty Elixir and not being tempted to part with the cash for a water based spritz, this product is seems like a good, inexpensive alternative.

I also use the Shine Away Mattifying Gel of an evening as part of this routine which I also love. You can see my review on it here.

I am really impressed with these products and would recommend them to anyone looking for a new cleanser and toner. I feel my skin looks much more fresh and radiant after using these and they are well worth it for the price!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Outfit of the day

We had some great weather over the weekend so I decided to make the most of it on Sunday and went to the beach at Southend-on-sea with my boyfriend. Although on the way there it did start to rain (typical) but later in the day the sun came out again so it was all good! I thought I would share some photos from the day and what I wore as I don’t often do OOTD posts as I am too lazy and usually rushing around to get out to take time taking a photo!


Top: Hooch
Shorts: H&M
Sandals: Peacocks
Sunglasses: Camden Market
(All old items)

Our day consisted of eating fish and chips, walking around the gardens then along to the seafront, sitting on the beach, and eating a yummy Rossi's ice cream. 

Mallzee - making shopping online social

I recently heard about this upcoming site and was lucky enough to be approached by Mallzee, who gave me a pre-launch invite and told me all about this amazing idea. The verdict? I can’t wait!

Mallzee is all about having fun shopping online and interacting with your friends at the same time. Everyone is aware of how much time we spend on the internet, (in my case usually shopping!) and this website will bring all of your favourite stores together for endless hours of browsing and buying. This website will allow you to share your favourite high street stores by creating a personalized shopping mall, where you and your friends can discuss products, trends and what you are lusting after. Have you ever had those moments when you are really unsure whether to buy something? Well on Mallzee you can even create a poll to ask friends opinions before you buy.

An added bonus to inviting friends to your Mallzee is that as the ‘owner’ you can earn money every time anyone buys from your Mallzee! Yup, you can make money while you and your friends shop, which of course means extra pennies to spend on more clothes.

There are currently over 200 brand sighed up to Mallzee (Urban Outfitters, New Look, Feel Unique and St. Tropez to name a few.) The site is due to launch later this year and you can register now to get a launch invite at and if the word is spread enough on Facebook or Twitter, Mallzee will also enter you into a prize for £100/$155 of shopping vouchers and some other goodies (sounds good to me!)

I am really looking forward to the launch of this website and think it is a really good concept that saves time and shows the expansion of the use of social media. They also have some really great brands involved and it will make shopping online fun!

Sign up today here to get your prelaunch invite and be entered into their competition.

What are your first impressions of this site? I’d love to know what everyone else thinks. 

Friday, 17 August 2012

MUA Mosaic Blush

I don’t have particularly many blushers apart from a trio from Benefit including Coralista (which I love!) and a Bourjois one. So after hearing some good things about the MUA Mosaic Blush I thought it would be a good low budget blush to try out. This is sold in Superdrug for just £2.50 and the colour is called English Rose. They also do two different types of bronzer in this style too.

I have added images with flash and no flash although my camera isn't the best hopefully you can see the colours! 

 The palette has 5 different tones from dusty pink, peach and lilac colours to give an even light pink finish.

The colour is not very pigmented and is rather like a pink toned highlighter. I like this for everyday use or to use as a light sweep over another blusher for a highlight. 

For £2.50 it’s a nice blusher and different to what I already have, so it’s a keeper!

On a side note does anyone know if there is a good dupe for Benefit’s Coralista? As I need a new one but don’t have the pennies at the moment!

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