Thursday, 25 October 2012

Decisions, decisions...

Now that the colder weather is here I have been looking at getting a new winter coat, but I am having difficulty deciding what one I want. There are so many nice coats on the high street in lots of different styles; from parkas, fur, tweed leather and military style. So I have put together some of my favourites in the hope that putting them all together will make me see which I like best. Also so that you lot can tell me which ones you like!

Love Label / Lipsy / Very
Topshop / Very 

So the first one on the top left is from Love Label at Very and is £59. I really like the colour of this one and the detail with the gold zips and buttons. There is a video on the website with this coat and it does look like a really nice coat for winter.

The next is from Lipsy and is tweed material with contrast PU arms. This one looks a lot better on the website than in this picture. This one is £80 which is quite a lot and to be honest I am not sure if it that practical or whether it will be very warm!

Underneath is one from Topshop which is similar style to the Lipsy one but this is more of an oversized boyfriend coat. This one is £89. I quite like the colour of this as it has a bit of a green tone to it.

Then the final 2 are from and are obviously the same coat but in different colours. I think these could be my favourites and I really like the military style to them and the belt that cinches in the waist. These are £75 but I think it looks like an expensive coat so probably worth it. Which colour do you guys think is nicer?

I haven’t seen any of these in the shops and may have to order the ones from Very to see what they look like for real!

Have you bought a winter coat yet? If so where did you get yours from? 

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  1. All are gorgeous coats! But the blue one really stands out to me. It looks warm, expensive, on trend and will give you a great hourglass figure ;) x


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