Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Just a quick post to show you the nail colour I am sporting at the moment. I found this colour in my drawer and I had forgotten I had it. I think I bought this last year and it is from Collection 2000, or Collection... whatever they are calling themselves these days! It is called Teeny Bikini and it’s a lovely raspberry colour and has some purple tones to it. I have actually fallen back in love with the colour as I don’t think you often see colours like this... well I haven’t recently anyway!  The only thing with the nail polish as it isn’t very good when you apply it and does go gloopy quickly but with two coats it looks nice once it’s on. I think I only paid £1.50 or something for it so I guess that’s what you should expect.

I am currently awaiting my package of Model’s Own nail polishes as I caved into their 50% off sale and bought a few! I haven’t tried their nail polishes before so I am excited to try them and I ordered some lovely colours. So you can expect a few posts on those soon! 


  1. This colour is lush, havent seen a nail colour like this before, love the name too x


  2. Ooo what a pretty color! Just found ur blog, new follower :)


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