Sunday, 9 December 2012

L’Oreal Super Liner Gel Intenza Review and Swatch

I was looking for a gel eyeliner a little while ago and when I was out this one caught my eye. I am often very pleased with the quality of L’Oreal products so thought this would be a good choice to go for. The packaging of the product is very nice and looks high end. The liner comes in a little glass jar with a gold cap. It also comes with a liner brush which I wasn’t holding out much hope in being good, but was pleasantly surprised as it works very well and is at the standard of a professional brush.

Once I got home and opened this up I realised I had picked up the wrong one, (stupid me for not looking properly) but I just assumed they were all just plain black, but the one I got is Gold Black which has tiny speckles of gold through it. This worried me at first and I considered taking it back but I tried it and the glitter hardly shows and the colour is still a dark black.

The liner applies very well and it’s nice and smooth which glides across the eye easily. The brush also makes it easy to shape the liner to how you want it and create flicks on the edge of the eye. The creamy texture is great and it doesn’t smudge throughout the day nor crumble and break down. It also lasts very well so no need to reapply it though out the day.

Overall I am really impressed with this and would recommend it to anyone looking for a gel liner. Also Boots are doing a promotion at the moment and when you spend £15 you get a free gift. The free gift is really great and includes a full size Volume Million Lashes Mascara, full size Colour Riche Lipstick, full size Colour Riche Nail Polish, a small tub of Revitalift and a selection of sample size BB creams and foundation. I would have shown a picture of it all but I am having it as a Christmas present!


  1. I may have completly missed where you said this but how much is thd linsr? My mac one has dried up and i want a good replacement x

    1. I got mine from Superdrug and I think it was £9.99! xx

  2. Yikes. Hate picking up wrong things from the store. But the liner looks nice. I like that it applies smoothly.
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  3. I like the look of this product! Kinda reminds me of the Maybelline one which is also very good!


  4. ooh this looks really good! i'll definitely swatch it next time i'm in store x


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