Sunday, 30 September 2012

Hot'n Sweet

I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday... even though it is pretty miserable outside today! I am just sorting out some bits ready to go back at uni tomorrow, although it is kind of the first day for me as I am doing my final year at a different uni to where I was last year so I’m going to be the new girl, kinda scary! Plus I am going into my 3rd year which means dissertation, I hope I don’t find it as hard as I am thinking it will be... please someone tell me it’s not!? 

Without flash                                                                                                                       With flash

Anyway over the past week I have bought a few things from makeup to some new winter clothing, I will have to do a post to show you the bits I got. But this lipstick is one of the items which was a bargainous (yep just made that up) 99p!  I got it in Superdrug in their clearance section and most of it was from the GOSH range, I think it was all old lines so not sure if you can get it any more. This colour lipstick is called Hot’n Sweet (I love the name!)number 139 and it is from the Velvet Touch range. I wanted a nice red that was a bit darker for the winter months and this is such a nice lipstick. I had never tried anything from GOSH before but I am impressed. I thought it might be quite matte and dry but it’s actually quite moisturising and doesn’t dry out my lips, it also has a little shine to it. It is also very pigmented and you only really need one swipe to get a good colour. I think this is a nice colour to wear out for an evening and will definitely make use of it in the coming months! 

In these photos it does look a bit brighter because I had to have the flash on my camera but you get the idea... hopefully ha!


Have you tried any lipsticks or products from GOSH? Or did you pick up a bargain like me?


  1. I'll have to have a little nosey at the clearance in mine, I'm yet to try Gosh too. It looks great on you!

    Lucy x

    1. Thank you! Yeah I would definitely try another one now! x

  2. OMG I can't believe your got a gosh lipstick for that price! That's amazing! Great colour!

  3. The colour looks so good on you x

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