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Lee Stafford hair care review

I have recently bought a few Lee Stafford hair care products and thought it would be a good time to review them. I am a fan of Lee Stafford and have always been pleased with the products I have bought. I find the range has something a bit different and I like their packaging, although the names are a bit of a mouthful. So here is what I have.

Treatment for hair that never grows past a certain length £ 7.99 (200ml)
I had heard a lot about this product before buying it and was intrigued as to whether it would work.
It claims that it “Improves follicle health which in turn increases the ability of the hair to anchor to the scalp” and“Improves volume and feel of the hair.” I have now had this for a couple of months and I use it about once every 10 days. You have to take an egg sized amount, although I sometimes think that is too much but I do have quite fine hair. You then cover hair from roots to ends and leave it on for 5 minutes after shampooing.

Gives hair good moisture and condition
Smells great
Improves hair strength

I am unsure whether it actually makes your hair grow longer, seen as you have to use it over a period of time and your hair will naturally grow in that time anyway. But it is a good product to improve strength of hair and condition. Be careful not to use too much for your hair or too often as it can make hair become greasy.

Would I buy again?
I think I would, but for the fact that it is a really good conditioning treatment for the hair rather than making it grow longer. However it may have just not made much of a difference on the length of my hair and may work well for others.

I hate my hair the day it’s washed solution spray £6.19 (200ml)
I bought this for the obvious reason that I don’t like my hair the day it’s washed. I find it goes a bit too fluffy and you can really notice the flyaways. No matter how many times I straighten it this still happens so I bought this product in the hope it would cure my problem. To apply you just spray it all over freshly washed hair and dry as usual. I have been using this every time I blow dry my hair for the last few weeks.

I does tame frizz and has stopped my hair from getting static
It’s very easy to use

I do really like this and do think it makes a difference. I have quite naturally straight hair and I’d imagine if you have frizzy or curly hair it will work wonders too! It also smells nice and is very light on the hair and does not weigh it down.

Would I buy it again?
Yes, but I won’t need to for a while as I have only used a ¼ so worth the money.

Sun Kissed Lightening Spray £7.99 (100ml)
I came across this when browsing in boots and immediately picked it up. I had my hair done at a different hairdressers and really wasn’t pleased with what he had done. Why do hairdressers never seem to get it how you want it? I will be going back to my usual next time! Basically I didn’t want a bright blonde on my roots but wanted something that would blend my natural colour to my already light blonde hair. I don’t think he left the colour in for long enough because you could hardly see a difference. Anyway, I picked this up thinking it might lighten my roots, and I am so pleased I got it!
You can use this product on your roots, all over or to ombre your hair. You just spray on to towel dried hair carefully choosing where you want it. It contains Hydrogen Peroxide so be careful and also it does say not to use this on chemically treated hair, which I didn’t see until after I first used it. But for my roots it was fine. It does not show straight away so don’t expect to see it once dried. But if you use it 3-4 times (I did it every other wash) you will soon see a difference.

This is great for blondes who hate the sign of roots coming through and want to use something to hide it.
Easy to use
Good price

I love this and I am really impressed that it worked! This will last a long while as well because you won’t always be using it. I would say depending on your hair colour it will give more of a golden/honey tone than bleach blond but it still looks great.

Would I buy again?

Boots are currently doing 3 for £12 on the Lee Stafford range here which is a great deal!


  1. Brilliant post hun, agree with you about the hair growth treatment..I didn't find much of a difference with my hair and the smell was vile! xx

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