Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ebay Sale

I hate having clutter around the house and there never seems to be enough space for everything I have, let alone my boyfriend! And no matter how many times I reorganise to try and find more space it still never seems to make a difference. I am not a particularly sentimental person when it comes to clothes and would rather get rid of it and spend money on something new! So I have been having a clear out of my wardrobes, as I have far too much stuff I do not wear anymore. After hours of debating whether I would still wear that skirt that really is too small for me, but might be able to squeeze into if I hold my breath and don’t eat, I came to the conclusion it had to make its departure from my bulging wardrobe.  

Along with the skirt I have put a number of items up for sale on Ebay in the hope I can make a bit of money! As you can see I have a fair few pieces, from dresses, tops and skirts. (This is just half of it)

So if anyone is interested take a look at my Ebay page here and place your bids!

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