Sunday, 26 August 2012

Top 5 summer nail colours

If there is something I have a lot of its nail polishes... I think I’m a bit of a hoarder! I also think a nail polish and its colour can show what mood you are in and your personal style. I was going through my collection deciding what colour to change my nails and thought I would share some of the colour I have and what my top 5 summer colours are.

1.      I picked this colour up recently when I was at Westfield at a makeup store called KIKO and this colour was on offer. It’s a lovely coral/red colour with tones of orange, which is nice and bright. This polish goes on really well and has a great glossy finish to it. It also lasts a long while without chipping so I am impressed and now want to try another from this brand. 

2.      This next one is from Beauty UK that I got in Superdrug. It was really cheap and to be honest it isn’t really a great polish as you have to apply a fair few coats to get a decent colour and it takes ages to dry. But the colour looks great afterwards and is perfect for summer.

3.      This Barry M is one of my favourite as the colour is gorgeous and reminds me of being on holiday. The colour is called Peach Melba and the pastel colour looks really nice when you have a tan as it is quite bright. The only thing I don’t like about Barry M nail polishes is they chip very easily. I have only had this nail polish on a day and it already has a small chip – Bad Barry M! Although they don’t cost much so what do I expect?

4.      Next is my L’oreal polish in number 602 and it’s the first nail polish I had tried from L’oreal and I have to say it’s not bad. I was after a turquoise/mint colour for a while and was struggling to find the perfect one, until I found this beauty. The colour is a really cool mint green and the colour paints on quite strong. I have had a lot of compliments when wearing this one and it is another nice pastel colour.

5.      The final colour in my top 5 is this Nails Inc polish called Exeter Street. I only have a couple of Nails Inc nail polishes but they are definitely my fave in terms of how they apply and how well they last! This is a really nice nude shade with a hint of beige/mushroom. This colour is really nice to wear everyday when you don’t want a colour but don’t want bare nails!

Have you tried any of these colours? What are your summer favourite colours – I’d love to know! 


  1. Kiko has such gorgeous colours! Knowing that this brand is now sold in England is super exciting! I'll probably be buying bunch of them when I go to London.

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  2. Your nails look so nice and they have a lovely shape!:) I'm obsessing over Peach melba at the moment haha xx

    1. Thanks :) Yeah I love all the peachy colours at the moment!


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